'Robin's Nest' - pepperette in stainless steel, cast stoneware, polyamide and silicon.

Small table seasoning grinder. The silicon hand grip on the bird pestle removes to allow air tight storage for the seasoning. The stainless steel grinding bowl is perforated to allow ground seasoning to pass through to the collector bowl aided by the brush which forms the bird's tail.

'Bear Hug'- Ice bucket in polycarbonate and polyamide over-moulded with silicon to aid grip. The double skin polycarbonate shell gives water clear transparency whilst reducing the risk of condensation therefore improving safety.

'Pit Stop!' Pepper grinder and shaker in stainless steel and polyamide. The design inverts the conventional pepper grinder and the addition of the stainless steel 'bulb' catches the freshly ground pepper which can then be shaken where the user wants preventing the soiling of tables and linen. The design is based on a love of classic 1950s cars and science fiction.